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New light on old Wisdom

Concepts like world servant and servitude are often associated with submissiveness and moral obligation; these are old thinking patterns coming from Christianity. Currently humanity is, rightly so, unwilling to think and to act on terms and conditions of others. This website focuses especially on old meaningful concepts. It requires an open state of mind.
A World servant, in any social or spiritual area, brings forth the will to establish right human relations. The inner aspiration and inspiration brings out in the individual the motivation of sharing and cooperation (within his own possibilities and sphere of work). This must lead to the decreasing and eventually ending of wars, famine, hatred, lust for money and domination of others. Working like this simply means using your common sense and being of service to others as an natural attitude.
The purpose of our website is to bring a connection between the workers on the world’s stage and the source of men’s aspiration and inspiration.

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